Jurassic to Jazz

Jurassic to Jazz is Mardi Brass’s unique fun and informative children’s workshop which gives children the opportunity to see, hear, touch and play a variety of instruments and introduces them to a wide range of musical styles.

With the help of the special Time Travel music and crash helmet, we travel through history to find out how brass instruments evolved. The children meet a variety of colourful characters along the way: Uoggghh!, who introduces the special calls of the conch shell in the Stone Age; Herodorus of Megara, an Olympic trumpet contestant in Ancient Greece; Bruce Goolagong, an expert Didgeridoo player; Orlando Farnaby, from Elizabethan England, who demonstrates the cornetto; Gervase Twistleton, a baroque trumpeter from Georgian England; Wilhelm von Schmeckenburger, a Viennese natural horn player; Constantine Tikhonovich Grechaninov from St Petersburg, who demonstrates the valve; Franklin W Gazda Jr, a jazz musician from America in the 1950s, who explains the art of improvisation and finally Arturo Fernandez, a Cuban trumpeter. Finally we arrive back in the present day, where some interesting effects and mutes are demonstrated in a contemporary composition.

Each scene is set with props and dialogue, putting the music into a historical context.

The show is finishes with ‘Tale Ender’, a story about the adventures of a boy called Paul, illustrated by over a dozen remarkable sound effects produced entirely with brass instruments.
Click here to listen to Tale Ender