Mardi Brass presents entertaining and informative programmes which combine a wide range of musical styles, an array of different brass instruments (members of the group play over 20 different instruments between them) and, of course, high standards of musicianship. Individually, members of Mardi Brass perform in all genres of music from early music to jazz and pop; collectively, such diverse music is presented with intelligence and integrity. Mardi Brass only performs music either originally written for brass quintet or specifically arranged for the group, thus ensuring that a Mardi Brass concert is a truly unique experience. Mardi Brass is active in commissioning new works for brass quintet.

Something Old, Something New
Featuring music from Mardi Brass recordings

Six Centuries of Musical Makeovers

Brass Inventions
Music originally conceived for Brass Instruments

The Mardi Brass Family Concert
An Adventure for All Ages!